Create & Change Audio-Midi Tracks

Max4live Device
for Ableton 10 and 11
  -Windows & Mac-


"Track Flow" is the first step searching for a fast and dynamic workflow in the creative process of your new ideas. Where you will find wasteless time in creating or changing the specifications of your tracks, it will help you to create more fluidly.

Make Your template come alive!

New Version 1.5 (apple silicon) 

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Create Track


Change Track


One track many Inputs recordings


Quick decision to Create-Change
[one mapping for all]

Create or Change - Audio or Midi


Inputs/Outputs: Choose or Write


Drop : Adg-Adv-Amxd-Racks-Groups and Vst2/Vst3
[in Groups/Racks/Vstpresets/au] 


Color Track


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Download Manual
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Recall Da Cruz

[Juan Cruz Recalde & Lucas Leal]


Buenos Aires,Argentina.October 2021